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Free Mini-course on Shoulder Dystocia; What's inside our RSD class (freeRSD)

Learn Gail Tully's FlipFLOP for freeing a stuck shoulder - free. In this excerpt from the Spinning Babies® Resolving Shoulder Dystocia course you'll get a feel for the course when you see the demonstration of FlipFLOP, hear instructions on the videos, and imagine yourself at a practice drill. Share this sneak-peak with every midwife and emergency responder on your list of health heroes.

Access to the free preview lasts for one week.
  • Introduction
  • Welcome
  • FlipFLOP
  • FlipFLOP: Step One
  • FlipFLOP: Step Two
  • FlipFLOP: Step Three
  • FlipFLOP: Step Four
  • Let's Practice (A Drill)
  • What more can you learn?
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  • All units must be completed