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Breech Basics Online (BB)

Welcome to Breech Basics, a unique perspective "resting on the shoulders of giants." Gail Tully shows you how to use Spinning BabiesĀ® insights on pelvic diameters to free a stuck breech. In this course, Gail shows birth videos, narrates slides, video clips, case studies, and stories. American College of Nurse-Midwives has approved this course for 3 CEs. Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council have granted this course 3 CEs. We do not have RN credits for this course at this time.

Learning Objectives

    Compares normal mechanism of breech rotation and descent with obstructed breech
    Demonstrates safe rotation of the breech to free obstructed arms with birth giver on all-fours
    Demonstrates safe flexion of the breech head to free obstructed breech head

  • Welcome to Breech Basics Online
  • Take the Pre-test and move on. Answers are not corrected until the Post Test.
  • Module 1: Know This First
  • 1.0 Miri Is Born
  • 1.1 An Overview of Physiological Breech Birth
  • 1.2 Positions for Babies and Birth Givers
  • 1.3 Anatomy of Breech Birth
  • 1.4 Midwifery Role in Breech Birth
  • Module 2: Normal Mechanism of Breech
  • 2.0 Intro to Normal Mechanisms of Breech Birth
  • 2.1 How Normal Breech Appears
  • 2.2 Hands-off the Breech
  • 2.3 Miri's Birth Once More, Close Up
  • 2.4 Breech Birth of Luna
  • Module 3: Obstructed Breech
  • 3.0 Intro to Obstructed Breech Birth
  • 3.1 Hands-on the Breech: Restoring Normal
  • 3.2 Shoulders Across the Top (Inlet)
  • 3.3 Head on the Inlet; Up high
  • 3.4 Symphysis pubis torsion
  • 3.5 Midpelvis: Head in oblique
  • 3.6 Outlet: Deflexed or Extended Head
  • Module 4: Application and Practice
  • 4.0 Intro to Application & Practice
  • 4.1 Identify And Release Obstructed Arms
  • 4.2 Safe Release of the Breech Head
  • 4.3 When There Is No Contraction
  • 4.4 Breech Water Birth With Head Stuck
  • Post-test
  • Post-test
  • References
  • Bibliography
  • Module 5: Breech Case Studies and Further Learning
  • Intro to Case Studies and Further Learning
  • Case Study 1 Lateral Flexion
  • Case Study 2.0 Arm Obstruction
  • Case Study 3. Head Obstructions
  • Other examples of Hands-on the Breech
  • Legal Facts You Want To Know For Teaching
  • Usage Guidelines
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Post-test"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years